Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL) – GHQ is a non-political  philanthropic Organisation which is registered under the society registration in 1988. The motto of the Organisation is “helping the helpless” where employees work in voluntary basis. KKL – GHQ is based currently at Churachandpur district, Manipur with its office at Headquarter veng opposite to district hospital.

The Organisation depends on humanity funding, charity donation from well-wishers groups. It is not attached with any NGO or Organisation for funding.  Due to its noble role in helping the needy, the Organisation is applauded and well appreciated by civil society and district administration. Mention may be made that the district administration conferred KKL-GHQ as one of the best philanthropic Organisation in the district on the 75th Independence Day celebration.

Role of KKL-GHQ in the current Manipur Crisis:

The current crisis started on the afternoon of May 3rd 2023, due to the extreme nature of the violence, victims of Kuki community fled their home on the evening of 3rd May 2023. Since then, the Organisation operated as relief and rehabilitation department. The Organisation set up relief camps and till date the Organisation is looking after 63 camps with more than 10,000 internally displaced persons. The Organisation is engaged with providing two meals per day to all the displaced persons, providing shelter and clothing.

As relief and rehabilitation work is not limited with just food and clothing, the Organisation is dedicated to work with health issue of the displace persons. The KKL-GHQ staffs are attached with the district hospital staffs in helping the wounded and the sick persons. The works of district hospital staff including the KKL -GHQ staff demands 24x7 availability, so for the smooth functioning, KKL-GHQ is compelled to provide lunch and dinner to both the district hospital staffs and hospitalized person along with their care takers.

KKL-GHQ owns 3 fully functional ambulance. As far as any emergency accident is concern, KKL-GHQ ambulance is the first to response and it is to be also noted that KKL Ambulances operates beyond Churachandpur district boundary as duty calls.

According to the latest report submitted by Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, the total number of Kuki houses burnt are 8010, total no death are confirmed to 120, and 196 Kuki villages are burnt down. With this huge amount of catastrophe, the number of inmates seeking refuge under Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi – GHQ exceeds more than 10,000 persons.

The intense nature of the crisis left the victims unable to even collect their basic essential commodities like undergarments, house hold materials and many other things. It may not be an understatement to mention that almost all the victims of the current crisis were transported to relief camps with nothing.


Our challenges:

As mentioned above, Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi – GHQ is a philanthropic Organisation with no regular funding, as the conflict is nearing to more than 100 days, resources of the Organisation is drying up and with limited amount of finance, it is unstable for the Organisation to render its service to the needy.

While limited supplies of rations are received from third party(s), providing rations with proper balance diets is becoming impossible. Living with this limitation, the inmates are under continuous threat to common sickness. Their financial instability leaves KKL-GHQ with no option but to regularly help them accept their medical expenses and other things.

Our daily expenses in looking after more than 10,000 people exceed beyond lakhs of rupees. Since the victims escaped their home with empty hand, it is the role of the Organisation to provide them food, shelter, clothing, and basic medicine necessity. One must be reminded that, relief camps are filled with lactating women and pregnant women, the expense while delivering is also covered by the Organisation. Moreover, we have cancer, diabetic, tuberculosis, hemophilia, and other patients too, the expenses of looking after their well-being is not an easy task.


This uncertain future with this present scenario force us to rethink on the durations of help that we can sustain. While we are appreciating the helps from limited donors, the amount of resources that is left, we are compelled to seek your kind attention in providing funding so as our voluntary works will continue.

Thousands of hopes are depending on our services, we have no reason to discontinue our services, but with the current conditions, we are compelled to announced that we are in critical stage. It is our plead to your esteemed Organisation to help us in funding our work so as we continue to provide rations, clothing, and medicinal assistance to the thousands of internally displaced persons.

Help us in our fight for the poor and needy person, we shall remain forever indebted to you.


In case, if you are interested in helping us, you may please donate at:

Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (GHQ)

Account number : 35122102631

IFSC Code: SBIN0015027



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